2017-04-24 09:42:47

Hello there everyone, and welcome to the second entry in my “Post from the Producer” blog. I have been told I can write pretty much what I like in this column, but I can’t really write a travel diary for two posts in a row now can I? So this time I would like to talk a bit about the two new starter sets “FINAL FANTASY Type-0” and FINAL FANTASY IX” that will be coming out on the 9th of June, and give you some new information on those.

・Starter exclusive cards

There are already starter exclusive cards (marked “rarity S”) included in the three starter sets that are currently available; VII, X and XIII, with premium cards also included in the booster packs, and these kinds of cards will be seen in the new starters as well. This time each starter includes 3 copies of 3 different types for a total of 9 cards. As this is such a good opportunity, let’s take a closer look at one card from each starter set right now. These two are the cards packaged at the top of the new decks, so try to imagine the feeling you would get if you discovered them in a shop for the very first time!

First up we have FF –Type 0, with Ace, who is a Light Element card.

His abilities are very much based around Class 0, meaning players will tend to use him in a certain kind of deck, but if you do want a dedicated Class 0 deck then he will be very powerful indeed. It goes without saying that other members of Class 0 also feature in this starter set. All the playable stars of the game are included in Opus 3, so people who love Type-0 can put together a deck around them.

Following on we have FFIX. For this set I would like to introduce the hero of the story, Zidane.

A Wind Element Zidane was already featured in Opus 1 and was a pretty well used card, but this version of Zidane is a Light Element card, just like Ace. His cost is reduced if there are other Category IX Forwards present, but the base cost is only a low 3, so you should be able to use him without worrying too much about it. It seems that the big selling point of this new Zidane card is not an overwhelming strength value but how easy to use it is.

・Parallel cards

It’s not just the exclusive cards either, Opus 3 also includes cards with alternative character illustrations, known as parallel cards. You will find 3 copies of 3 different types in each of the starters. They have exactly the same capabilities and powers as the original versions of the same cards, but are not included in the booster packs, even as premium cards, so these have a huge collectability value.

I will also briefly introduce one of these parallel cards from each set, Rem from Type-0 and Amarant from IX:

Booster Version Starter Version

The new Rem card has her out of her uniform and wearing summer clothing, with a softer expression than usual. On the other hand, Amarant has a very imposing design. Even though the visuals are different, these are still the same cards as before, so take care when constructing your deck, as you can still only include 3 of each card, mixing both normal and parallel versions of them.

・These cards can be used from the day of the starter sets release*

In addition, both decks will contain several cards from Opus 3 that will be available ahead of their official release. You can incorporate these cards into your decks and use them in tournaments from the starter set release date of 09/06/2017, in advance of the Opus 3 release. Of course, this includes the starter set exclusive cards and parallel cards as well, so don’t feel you have to hold off on using them because the card number starts with a 3. Why not put them in your deck and go out and enter tournaments with them straight away! *Please note that new starters and opuses will only be allowed in the Opus Championship 14 days after their official release date.