2017-05-18 14:00:40

Hello everyone. It’s already time for the 3rd “From the Producer”. As a repercussion of the first blog post being an unorthodox travel post, this time I want to continue like I did with the second and actually give you some new information about FFTCG. Well… it’s obvious that that’s what you all want. I’ll leave the travel blog posts for when we have no new info to give you. …so I guess that means trying pretty hard to ensure that this doesn’t just become a travel blog!

 Ok, so, what new information have we got for you this time? There is the topic of the promotion cards that will be given out at in-store tournaments from June. Until now there have been three different promotion cards; [PR-001] Sephiroth, [PR-002] Vincent and [PR-003] Lightning. Those cards were popular ones that don’t appear in booster packs or other products. However, from June we plan to change this policy.

 Our method of doing things has certainly been popular until now. However, there are a few problems with it in reality. Firstly, there are people who may be able to buy cards but can’t join in with the in-store tournaments. For example, those who can’t go because of their work schedule, or those who aren’t close to the stores that hold the tournaments. There is no denying that it is unfair that there are cards out there that they cannot use.

Another problem is that due to the current way we are doing things it’s hard to create a card that has an element of originality to it. As mentioned above, as a consideration to those who can’t get hold of those cards, and because we don’t want it to be the case that you can't make a deck without them. To put it simply, they are designed in a way so that other cards can be used in their place if you don’t own these specific ones. They would just be collectable items, which is ok in its own way, but is not attractive from a gameplay perspective.

With the above points in mind, we have decided that from June the promotional cards for in-store tournaments will become parallel cards of the ones found in booster packs. By doing this we know it won’t solve all the problems, but it will mean that it is still possible to form a deck without an exact card, as they will also exist within the booster packs. It will also keep an element of collectability to it as well.

 So, from now there will be a shift to parallel cards, therefore I would also like to tell you all what the cards for June and July will actually be. First of all, in June it will be [1-027H] Lann. This is a card seen a lot on the tournament scene. As it’s an important parallel card we have made it a fun-size (Lilikin) version.

Next, the card for July is [1-059R] Laguna.

This card is often found in sets paired with Squall, so if you get one it might be good to include it in your deck. There will be more exciting parallel cards to come for August and September, so keep an eye out for those too!